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How It Started:

Betel, Mukhwaas, Fennel seeds have always been a part of our indian culture. with modernisation and diversification emerging , it called for an evolution of these delicacies. In 1996, our founder Mr. Surender kumar Gupta introduced the first ever Khus flavoured betel syrup (paan chatni). Seeing the overwhelming response and desire for more flavours of paan, he then launched several fruit and flower based betel syrups like Pineapple, Mango, Lychee, Strawberry, Kiwi, Rose, Kewra, Saffron, Jasmine and many more. Today we manufacture more than 20 flavours of paan chatni and intend to raise the number in future. We noticed a gradual increase in the consumption and existence of traditional mouth fresheners as the consumption of tobacco, paan masala, supari etc saw a drastic decrease which we all know are very injurious to health. In an attempt to make india healthier, our co founder Mr. Sajal Gupta has launched a premium range of handcrafted mouth fresheners called KTC HERITAGE. Made with the finest handpicked and purest indian ingredients, each heritage mouth fresheners promises the refreshing natural taste in every bite. With 0% tobacco, 0% supari, 0% nicotine these are a perfect and healthy alternative to tobacco and supari addiction. Made with finest ingredients like saffron, dry dates, cardamom, fennel seeds, betel leaf, indian herbs that are blended to provide a nostalgic pure zest of our indian roots.

How It Started:


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